Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna is the third baby mama of Tanzanian heartthrob Diamond Platnumz.

While naysayers are counting down to the end of their relationship, Tanasha and Diamond’s love for each other is growing strong.

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Tanasha and DiamondHere is proof that Tanasha has fallen deeply in love with Diamond.

1. Tanasha is protective of Diamond-like a mum would be. She feeds him, compliments him and generally always supports his causes.

2. Tanasha stayed with Diamond even when the interwebs branded him a cheater. During discouraging times, as his girlfriend, she was there to boost his self-esteem and say nothing but nice things only. Tanasha even said she will not judge Diamond based on his past mistakes. Only based on the man she knows he is. How is that for a damsel in love?

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Tanasha-diamond3. Tanasha introduced Diamond to her mum, Diana Oketch who is a big fan of the Bongo star. Actually, they even postponed their wedding because Tanasha’s mum could not take time off work to attend the wedding.

4. Tanasha does things to get closer to Diamond’s family. She cooked for Mama Dangote her favourite mean and even agreed to share their birthday celebrations when they both turned a year older in a much-publicised event. She did not hog the limelight but sharted it with her mother in law. This must-have impressed Diamond.

5. Tanasha doesn’t take Diamond for granted. She always big him up and says how much he has changed her life. The proof of this is when she defends his infidelities.

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