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Politics can be ugly. It’s a dirty game and only the smart-minded know all the tricks. Mbita legislative Mille Odhiambo Mabona is counting loses after her house in Urianda village was burnt on Wednesday by a mob reportedly over political reasons.

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Yesterday, Milli took to social media to show off her certificate after trouncing her opponents in a heated battle.

Millie Odhiambo

In addition to the post, Millie had to address the devastating news of her home been burnt to ashes shortly after she was announced the winner.

“Back to Nairobi after rigorous campaigns and party primaries. I won. Went four straight days with only 1 to 2 hours of sleep just to ensure there was order in the primaries. Most areas voted peacefully. My supporters were targeted in Lambwe Ward. At one point from 2.30 pm I got several distress calls of people who were beaten senseless and were in hiding. As we were rescuing a member of my Campaign team, Ken who hails from Ngodhe, one of my vehicles arrived with windscreen shattered after rescuing another of my Team members Edwin,  who was beaten senseless. He received treatment in Kisumu yesterday. As though in a movie, a motorbike Rams into our vehicle. So now on main road trying to rush injured people to hospital. Suddenly car often driven by one opponent.

Suddenly a car often driven by one opponent Jim approaches in high speed with guys brandishing pangas, rungus, stones, and guns. One aims at me, misses a step and falls. My immediate response to my team: ” Let him go”. He runs off. Their car turns around towards us. I am whisked away at this point and drive towards HB. My distress call to the police from like 40 minutes ago has yielded no response yet. The team then give chase to my team on the ground and runs over Bob. He dies shortly. I learn later of several of my team members hurt.

I voted later at Urianda Station under armed police protection from HomaBay County. Yesterday, they razed my humble abode (home) to the ground. The home manager just managed to escape. They continue to threaten people. Most of these guys are known and come from one village in Lambwe. No arrests have been made. I have taken most of my key Campaign team members from Lambwe out of Mbita. I met Bob’s family yesterday. He lost his mother a long time ago and his father 4th of this month. He has two wives and young children: first born is 12 years. The postmortem is to be done today and body moved to Kisumu where he comes from.

Throughout all these, God has given me exceptional peace and calm. A preacher had predicted almost with precision, about these happenings. Told me to pray for peace.
To God be the glory. #Ebenezer.”

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Millie also shared another post accusing her opponent of sending the goons to torch her house

⁠⁠⁠”My organic house was torched by supporters of a guy called Akali mostly from Urianda Village in Lambwe. They tried to demonstrate in Mbita town and were chased by the public. Someone tell Akali Mbita Constituency is not Urianda Village. The media has really tried to promote this guy. If you understand Mbita geopolitics, the guy can’t beat me on any fair platform.”

Millie Odhiambo

Millie’s fans came out in large numbers to support her and lashed out at the goons who burnt her house.

“⁠⁠⁠Burning down the homestead of Hon Millie Mabona might not help you instead bud it will bring to you more problems. Think right, think of tomorrow life doesn’t end after election. Your political advisor should be in jail for misleading you. System will work and the authority will systematically isolate the few elements of backwardness thinking. The struggle continued,” read a comment from one of Mabona’s supporters.