Majority of women from the Lakeside are synonymous for their striking figures. All Mafisi Sacco members are aware of what I am trying to say here. Women from that part of Kenya were really blessed when it comes to possessing big butts and hips among other physical features. However what I don’t get is why dudes from the same geographical area are blessed with these lasses but always prefer running away with #TeamLightskins. Why why why?

Here’s Why All Nairobi Women Will Be Looking For Luo Men This Weekend

Nyanza women (Luo Nyanza) are a true definition of what we call MATTER. They have weight and occupy space. When they walk, they do so like they own the world. They are never afraid to showcase their sitting allowances. While walking through town, they are the kind that drive some Team Mafisi squad members to follow closely behind (with one hand in their trouser pockets) from the OTC bus stage all the way to Milimani.