You’ve probably heard people say so and so has a striking resemblance to say a celebrity. It happens. Everyone has a doppelgänger.

It is will that perception that a well known socialite from Tanzanian identified by the name Shilole has had people tell her she and Taraji P Henson also known as Cookie from Empire are look-a-likes.

taraji 12

The socialite who has over 2 million followers on social media got convinced by her followers that she and Cookie have a striking resemblance. Yaani, they are like identical twins.

Shilole, the businesswoman cum actress is known for her dramatic character at some point calling herself Shilole Taraji.

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But then, fans keep wondering what would happen if she ever met her mentor and look-alike, Cookie.

You ask why?

The socialite has admitted in several interviews of being conversant with the queen’s language.

At some point, she was trolled for speaking broken English on social media which left her finally coming to terms that she and English are two different things.

That said, here are Cookie’s and Shilole’s pictures;