duncan moseti

I don’t know about you but for Duncan Moseti, a Thika native, being denied sex is like the end of the world. That’s what made him cut off his genitals after his wife denied him conjugal rights on Valentine’s Day. He got angry, cut off her breast before chopping off his manhood.

The 24-year-old claimed that his wife was cheating on him with his brother, prompting him to carry out the absurd act.

Man Cuts Off Manhood After Wife Left Him For Another Man

“I thought my wife was sleeping with another man because she kept denying me my conjugal rights, despite my tireless advances. This got me mad and made me do the crazy thing,” Moseti said.

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The man is a trader from Kiganjo and has a daughter with his wife of 2 years. He wishes he never did the act and is pleading with his child’s mother to stay with him so that they can raise her together.

Achieng’, the woman of the house has said that she doesn’t want to go back because she fears for her safety. As for the accused brother, George Bosire, sleeping with Achieng’ is a pure lie. The woman has since been discharged from hospital.

Source: The Star