There’s this assumption that media personalities, especially those in the TV industry, take home big chunks of money every month. If you’re working in the media industry, people see you as a rich man or woman who is supposed to be living large somewhere in the city’s suburbs, driving expensive cars and of course changing fashion every time but that’s not true.

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua, who called it a day at Royal Media Services, has finally spoken out about what she used to earn.
Rumours have been going round for so long that Janet Mbugua was earning a whooping 800k per month hence her flashy lifestyle, but she has rubbished the claims.

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In an interview with Kalekye Mumo on K24, the former screen siren revealed that she wasn’t earning the mind-blowing figure as many claim.

“No. I would be rocking up in here in a Lamborghini and being like you can’t tell me anything”, said Janet.

Janet Mbugua

Janet also revealed how she got the job and that people used to treat her in a certain way because they thought she was earning the huge amount of money.

“It’s crazy coz I had gone to South Africa and then I came back, I wanted to be back in Kenya. I kept in contact with Farida Karoney; you know who was my boss at KTN. And she said that ‘If you come back let’s talk.’ and that’s it. When I came back we had a conversation and I said I want to be part of the next elections and that is why I am back in Kenya’. And the process was that. I got in but it wasn’t 800,000 Shillings. That was so crazy! I remember people treating me a certain way because that was what they thought.” 

Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua is busy with ambassadorial roles and she is the face of Lifebuoy, the founder of Inua Dada campaign, #IAmMotherhood among other projects.

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