Former Harambee Stars captain Dennis Oliech was born with an eye for beauty, that we can give him or can we just be straightforward and say that he finds ‘malightskin’ appealing?

A quick look at all the ladies he has dated in the past few years and you’ll realize how true that statement is – skin colour notwithstanding.

A few weeks ago, my colleague Chim put two and two together after stumbling on photos posted by Oliech and musician Avril that could have implied that they were having a thing.

The two visited English Point Marina on the exact same day at the exact same time and there was evidence to support this claim.

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The retired soccer star has also been linked to various lasses in the past including Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) student Paula Mumia, Julie Minage, Meg C, name them.

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What is very clear is that his love life is in a mess and he has in the past been accused of dumping the ladies after satisfying his needs.

The reason we are all here at this very moment is because it seems another lady has fallen into his ‘trap’.

Oliech posted a photo in the company of an unidentified lass and tongues started wagging almost immediately after he shared it.

Here is the photo:


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