Anerlisa Muigai is one of the most successful business women in Kenya. She’s taken after her mother’s footsteps indeed. The gorgeous lady has built a classy water company within a short time, and from what it looks like, it took her a lot of discipline to achieve her goals.

Singer Avril took to Instagram yesterday to regret why she didn’t take Anerlisa seriously back in the days; they could have done business together. On her social media pages and in her life, Anerlisa does not tolerate small talk. She says that the only interviews she does should be business oriented, as seen in this flashback photo she posted recently.
Not knowing the backlash he’d get, a thirsty guy went on one of her photos and made an outrageous request:



There you have it; even though she’s perceived to be gorgeous and team mafisi drool over her photos, she isn’t ready to put up with nonsense. Business only!

Take a look at her sexy pics below: