They leave us glued to the screen everyday as they present news but away from the screens Lulu and her husband are very talented producers.

They are the brains behind Jiffy Pictures.

You make have unknowingly watched shows they have produced without knowing they are the brains behind them.

Below are the TV series raking the couple millions.


Maria is a show that airs on Citizen TV.

It revolves around Maria, a girl from the ghetto and Luwi Hausa a boy  born in wealth.

They fall in love with each other but so many forces are against the relationship.

Maria series

Margaret Kenyatta to Burale, here are celebs look alikes (Photos)



 Maza on Maisha Magic East

Huba on Maisha Magic Bongo



Jiffy Production’s latest show is Kovu.

A high budget Kenyan TV series that features veteran actor Ken Ambani (The System) premiered one month ago on M-Net’s premium channel Maisha Magic Plus.

Kovu means scar…and every character on the show has a dark secret or is hiding something because they all have a scar.

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Aziza aired on Citizen TV , Sanaipei Tande was the main actress.


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