What are you in the mood for this weekend? A fiercely addictive period drama starring a scarred Tom Hardy? A British psychological thriller about a husband’s devastating secrets? Or something lighter, like Jack Black’s comic opus School of Rock, or a sweet movie about the rise of the world’s most successful author? Whether you’re looking for some very funny – and strictly adult – humour from Amy Schumer, or a touching movie from the African continent, Showmax is where it’s at this weekend.

International titles

First and only on Showmax: Taboo

Adventurer James Delaney, thought to be dead, returns to 19th-Century London to claim his inheritance. But, in this nail-biting, gorier-than-most BBC series, his enemies have no idea how cunningly dangerous Delaney is. This gritty, dark period drama was produced by Ridley Scott, co-created by Tom Hardy, who plays Delaney with simmering menace and gruff tones, and it also stars plenty of celebs you’ll recognise from Game of Thrones. Watch now »

New crime series: Undercover, Season 1

Stay on the edge of your seat as a lawyer tries to right a miscarriage of justice, while her husband does everything to keep the truth hidden. Watch now »

New drama series: Thicker than Water: The Tankards

Ambition, wealth and religion all come together with the Tankards, a close family of music producers and entrepreneurs. But success does not come easily when relatives are involved! Watch now »

New comedy movie: School of Rock

Desperate for cash, Dewey takes a job teaching music at an exclusive private school. But the academy is not ready for his unique brand of rock ‘n roll fury! Watch now »

New family movie: Magic Beyond Words – The JK Rowling Story

She is one of the most successful authors of all time. But how did JK Rowling rise from living on benefits to creating the most popular wizard in living memory? Watch now »

Editor’s Choice movie: Adventures of Tintin

The famous comic character is brought to life in this brilliant and groundbreaking 3D animated film. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it’s a thrill ride for the whole family! Watch now »

New non-fiction: Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo

Comedy megastar Amy Schumer takes no hostages in her HBO special, which was nominated for an Emmy in 2015. Expect an hour of comedy iron punches wrapped in a velvet glove, delivered by one of the sharpest comediennes to ever stroll onto stage. Watch now »

African titles

Mr Speaker Sir

This political satire is inspired by African parliamentary systems and the diversitiy of cultural differences that show up in speech, attitudes and interaction. Watch now »


A mysterious and frightening disease starts to devastate communities in East Africa. Wamba lives in a neighbourhood where Aids is not well known and death is often associated with sorcery. Watch now »


Shekuwe takes Asha as his second wife so he can buy land from her family, but his first wife does not like the new arrangement at all. Watch now »

Kampala Story

Apio and her mother rely on her father to send money via mobile from the city. When he suddenly stops, all hell breaks loose because her mother needs immediate surgery. Watch now »

Young Rich (new episodes)

Young Rich allows Kenya’s young entrepreneurial minds to share their rags-to-riches stories. Watch now »

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