Diamond Platnumz father and mother

Diamond Platnumz’s family has been hitting the headlines since his mother Mama Dangote announced that Mzee Abdul is not the singer’s real dad.

This is after 30 years of the singer’s life.

Well, it turns out that Diamond’s real father is the late Nyange, a man who fathered one of WCB’s managers called Ricardo Momo.

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Mzee Abdul has now advised Mama Dangote to show Diamond his late father’s grave.

“I live it all to God. I believe that his mother is going to show him his father’s grave. I felt like they would have called me to a family meeting to break these news instead of breaking them on national radio,” said Mzee Abdul.

Mzee remembered how he financed Mama Diamond and her family back in the day when the singer was young. Adding that she might have refused to tell him back then as she had no one to help her financially.

“True, I was rich. I would finance her. Probably she refused to tell me that the pregnancy wasn’t mine because she wasn’t well off. She might have thought no one was going to help her after she came clean.”


He and Mama Dangote broke up when Diamond was in form one.

He says he is content with what he has and that he is ready for anything that life brings his way.

“Kilichobaki nagoja kuondoka duniani, Nangoja uzee unikamilikie hayo mengine hayanihusu.

“If he wants, we will greet each other, if he doesn’t want, we move on. Even when I die, its not a must that he buries me, even the government can do that. Let him continue with his wealth and his mother and family.”

We are just a passing cloud and everything we have on earth, we will leave it. I will live my life.

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He says since being known by the public as Baba Diamond Platnumz, he has never benefited anything from it.

He is a businessman who sells shoes.