Betty Kyallo is doing well for herself.

She recently opened a salon just the other day and from the look of things, it is doing quite well. This story stirred up a lot of talk just after she opened up the salon right across her ex-best friends, Susan Kaittany.

Betty Kyallo

Talk about drama! Betty has been using her fan base to gain more clients and beat the ones at Posh Palace. Her Instagram Live has been going crazy! Betty goes live every time she is at Flair By Betty and she never lacks cocky comments.

Betty Kyallo's new salon

This time the comment was a bit too much. A guy by the name Sukhdeep just decided to throw a nasty comment asking her to show him her boobs. Betty has been asked to dance, to sing, to shout out but this one was way too much.

Show me your boobs

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Of course, this got Betty Kyallo very mad and she could not contain her anger! She blew up telling him to get off her page. From the look on her face, she was actually very shocked like “ooh my God shocked”!
Betty Kyallo

I will not show you boobs that is very wrong. Get out of my page, Sukhdeep1257. As you can see the weirdos have now checked in. Why would I show you boobs? I am not…anyway whatever its fine

Betty Kyalo

Such weirdos never lack on social media. Women have faced this more than the men. A lot of the times Indians have topped the list when it comes to being perverts and many women have complained about it.

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Just the other day, a man posed as a mzungu by the name Robin Jonson and the women ran for him. The internet is being used for all the wrong reasons. The other case was the trend #ifikiewazazi.

Betty Kyalo
Betty Kyalo. photo credit: instagram/Betty Kyalo

Betty has been accused of so much especially to do with men but this just proved that she respects herself.