If you’ve watched P-Unit’s new video ‘Wabe’ I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that one lady who shakes her enormous derriere like a salt shaker in a fishnet stocking. Pamela is her official name but she prefers to be called Queen Lema or simply Pam. She’s from Tanzania and works in Kenya as a professional dancer. Not stripper.

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The mother of one says she’s a talented ‘twerker’ and apparently that’s the talent God gave her. She currently works at Xs Millionaires Club where her job is to simply dance.

During a recent interview we did with Pam, she told us that she’s living a comfortable life and even owns a car which she bought from her twerking business.

“Don’t judge me by twerking on most watched TV in Kenya that is my talent which God gave me,” she tweeted after appearing on a leading local channel.

In the interview, she also talked about being mistaken for being a stripper and whether she has a sponsor.

Below is the first part of the interview;