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Not once nor twice have we seen men dump a woman who did all the chores required in a household only to end marrying a ‘slay queen’.

Below are the reasons you should not live with a man who has not officiated your union.

1. He will most likely not marry you.

Such a man will only have fun with you, and dump you in the end and settle with the woman whom he sees as ‘wife material’.

He is getting free milk so why should he buy a whole cow?

2. You might end up getting an unwanted pregnancy.

Chances of getting pregnant are very high, the problem is once you get pregnant utarukwa kipetero kiyesu.

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3. You might end up being wife no 2.

Many ladies have found themselves in this situation. You go to a man’s house and clean up only for another woman to come after you go home.

4. You will be fighting with side chicks left right and center.

Men always say that a man should have two or three women before he settles on the one he wants to marry.

So once in a while, you might have to fight off the other women in your man’s life, before you do ask yourself if he is worth the trouble.

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5. You might end up becoming a miserable stay at home mum

Not that being a stay at home mum is a bad idea, but it is only good when it is a personal decision.

If not planned a man might constantly use the fact that you are jobless every time you argue

So keep working.

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