shorts rocking celebs

It is not every day that we see celebrities rocking shorts. However, there are those female stars who are ardent short wearers. Their style is so effortless, they leave us drooling.

Check them out below.

1.Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando is fond of rocking shorts whether at work or off work.

She puts in work in the gym and she is allowed to flaunt her gains something she does by rocking figure-hugging shorts.

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Talia Oyando

2. Shix Kapienga

The radio presenter who is in her 30’s has a body some women can only dream of. She knows how to flaunt her legs in shorts and we love it.

Shix Kapienga
Shix Kapienga

3. Jacky Vike

Awinja, as she is known by her fans, is a celeb who is never shy to flaunt her beautiful petite body and we must admit we love her legs.


4.Betty Kyallo

The mother of one is never shy to flaunt her flawless legs and this she has done on different occasions.

Betty Kyallo


6. Julie Gichuru

The media personality has legs to die for. In the recent past, she has been keeping fit and the legs are thanking her for it as she can easily rock shorts.

Julie Gichuru

7. Yvonne Okwara

The Citizen TV host has legs to die for and she does not mind flaunting them whenever she is away from the screens.

Yvonne Okwara training


Akothee is another celebrity who never tires to flaunt her beautiful black legs. She does so at the slightest chance she gets.

Akothee the free-spirit mood
Akothee the free-spirit mood

10. Anitah Nderu

Be it shorts or a micro mini dress, Anita knows that some days legs need some air and team mafisi need to ogle at something.

Anita Nderu and a friend

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