Every institution has rules and regulations and so are schools. Some schools elect prefects, who ensure that students abide by the rules of the institution but in most schools in the country, prefects are chosen by teachers.

But some of these prefects go too far by coming up with their own rules. Some even mistreat and torture fellow students just because they have ‘power’.

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Well, Kenyans have taken to social media to narrate the horrifying experience they went through in the hands of prefects back in high school and famous quotes used by them.

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Bravin Mnakumbuka zile Quotes za maprefects pale High School? Anga ‘I need Your Maximum Cooperation’.

Horaze Oiteh Kijana you are growing plastic horns

Ian Geralds I remember mwingine hapo akitwambia take care before care takes care on you πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Nimoh Suiyanka I was a prefect from form 1 to 4 but I cant remember what I was saying while on duty kwa parade#memories

Tinah Mwikali Another one told me to shorten my height. Yaani kusema I kneel down

Alexischizo Kaki “if u u find the d/hall door closed it will be ur own burial ceremony” ghai uko boarding na pesa ya mkate hakuna!

Khadijah Mabruk ” you form ones u r only here to be seen and not to be heard.”mpaka leo Onyi cjawaijua ulikua unamaanisha nini

Albert AlbertoΒ Listen mwingine akatuambia ” go down perpendicularly. ” wah nkajua baas maths ishakufa.

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Zimenice First night after we reported walituita Dhall kila mtu na quote yake. Mmoja akasema he only smiles once. When he’s brushing his teeth. Karibu nirudi mtaa.

Kadot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚kuna mwenye alikuwa anaitwa bursen bunner uweee

Rumona Marhodes They behaved like were on payroll

Lily Melina the week has been successful but there are two girls who are still dragging us behind, halafu kinatuita, huyo mschana tuπŸ˜‚

Simmy Simotech Kuna mmoja alinishow I know a traitor before he knows himself Saddam Hussein’s slogan nikaanza kutafuta leave out.

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Vannesey Ketch Mi nkiwa mono headgirl alisema “you cross my path i cross your path we entangle in the middle we see who is who” hadi leo mi huogopa anything imeandikwa tangle

Grancisa Akello .’you have to do blablabla and THERES NO COMPROMISE

Nice Mkweli School is a home away from home. Keep it clean. There is no option for lazybones. Gosh. Pia wale watu wa debate club. I was among them. 🀣🀣. Good morning ladies n gentlemen. The motion will be chaired by ……hehee

Marion Oitikou I could say this week I need your maximum cooperation I don’t want to see anyone loitering around and if I catch you speaking your mother tongue be sure you will wear this, saa hizo kulikuwanga na kitu mtu alikuwa anavalishwa akiongea lugha ya mama now see my life hehehe

Mercy John Good morning school, duties were fairly attended to but so, so and so have not spread their beds well. Let them meet the teacher on duty after this

Kagz Mamitoh Sijawai pewa punishment na prefect nikafanya pia walikuwa wananijuwa vizuri

Douglas Mutua Prefects wa Kitchen, you remember your chorus, “rudi nyuma ama niseme husiekewe?”
Wa Domitories: “Toka ama niwafungie ndani”.
Wa DH and around: during general cleaning “I need your maximum” cooperation”

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Bonface Namiti “Acha kukaza matako kwa line nani utapata food, haha I can’t forget some people ”

Ken Brianna And I won’t condone your nonsense, Wooiiii na Leo wako wapi na vizungu miiiiingi,, ni urimuuuuu.

Vanris Cheps dorm prefect wetu alikuwa anatunyamazisha ati ” mtaungua yote” I think sahizi anakaanga njugu