Aggie The Dancer/Photo credit/Instagram (aggie the dance queen)

Aggie is her name.

Meet the lady in the stripped jump suit and the most outstanding dance queen in Nyashinski and Sauti Sol’s new video Short and Sweet.


The dancer has hit the headlines for her moves especially where she gets down for Nyash as he spits his rhymes.

The video was choreographed by dance choreographer Oscar Mwalo. He also choreographed another Sauti Sol hit song Sura Yako.

Oscar Mwalo

Here is the juicy part.

Mwalo and Aggie are an item.

On his birthday, the dance queen penned down a loving message for the love of her life, Mwalo.

“Its your birthday my glad you were born for me on this day.Happy birthday hubby.have a many more.”

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