This issue of Eunice Njeri walking out of her marriage a day after she walked down the aisle is getting interesting by the day.

Is Eunice Njeri Lying??? Her Ex Sister-In-Law Says She Is Very Much Married To Izzo

Our source in Texas tells us that Eunice Njeri and Izzo were shopping around for a pastor to unite them in holy matrimony after the one they wanted turned them down.

Our source who sought anonymity said, “Their wedding was rejected by another pastor in Kansas City. I don’t know why.”

This forced the celebrity couple to cosy up to Pastor Jackson Kingori of Neema Gospel Church in Texas.

Our source adds that the pastor is distraught over the turn of events and confirms that indeed, Eunice Njeri did not sign the marriage certificate.

“The pastor is saying that they did get an official marriage certificate which the pastor signed and the two witnesses signed. They both did not sign the actual certificate during the ceremony. What you see being signed in the wedding video is a blank piece of paper for photography and video purposes. The certificate was never returned to the registrar for it to be official. Apparently Eunice ran away with it.”

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Eunice may have blindsided Izzo by not signing the certificate and later that evening boarding a flight back to Nairobi. To cap all this up, Eunice actually serenaded Izzo with a song during the wedding ceremony.

Our source adds that Izzo had no idea that Eunice did not want to start a life with him. He moved houses from where he was staying a bigger apartment in preparation of having her join him.

“In a nutshell, she told Izzo and some colleagues that she is going into the house [of a pal where she was staying before the wedding] to change. She left the wedding dress on the floor of one of the bedrooms. Izzo was outside waiting for her  but she dodged Him and ran away boarding a flight on the same night.”

Eunice announced the annulment of her marriage recently saying nothing was ever signed and she had to call off the relationship because her heart was elsewhere.

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