Nakuru has turned into a lion’s den after the recent killings of sex workers in the county, the most recent incident being one where the body of one of them was discovered in a tuk-tuk.

After a long wait for justice, a suspect in the killing of the commercial sex worker was arraigned in court on Monday.

Sex Workers In Nakuru Take To The Streets To Protest Murder Of Their Own!

The suspect who goes by the name, Ashton Wachira was charged with the murder of Maureen Wanjiru alias Wahu on the night of January 17 at Freehold estate.

Wachira was only informed of the criminal charges he is facing; thus he did not take a plea, as directed by resident judge Maureen Odero.

Wachira, who actually looked untroubled and seemed unfazed, asked the court to change his name on the charge sheet, saying that was not his real name and that he’s a Muslim;

That is no longer my name. I changed it and I am now a Muslim, so please change it

The judge cut short his antics, telling him that his religion is not a point of interest and ordered a mental check for Wachira at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital and the submission of the report to the court.

Check out photos of the suspect, Ashton Wachira:

Ashton Wachira’s arraignment follows the killing of several sex workers by a suspected serial killer.

Hundreds of sex workers protested in Nakuru town last Friday and demanded that proper investigation into the murder of Grace Wangari, another victim be carried out.

The demonstrators asked police to ensure the killer, whom they said was behind the deaths of eight other women, is brought to book.

sex workers
Sex Workers


Source: The Star