You would probably think that that neatly dressed mama behind you as you queue to buy something at the shop is just a regular, harmless lady. However, there is a shocking footage of a mama robbing an innocent shopper that has emerged.

The vice is said to have taken place at the Sarit Center entrance from the VIP parking. There is an ice cream shop and a lady had parked her trolley so that she could get to buy some. A man and a lady are seen approaching the trolley suspiciously.

Motorist Robbed In Broad Daylight Along Nairobi’s Southern Bypass (Raw Video)

The man came right behind the lady so that the thief could take the bag without her noticing.

In a split second, her handbag was gone!! I wonder how she reacted after seeing this. Perhaps her ATM cards, ID and other valuable possession were in the bag. So sad.

Watch the video below: