MC Jessy and Shix

Former lovers Shix Kapienga and MC Jessy have buried their hatchet and used to work together on Churchill Show.

The weekly comedy show used to star the two in a segment where radio star Mbusii joins them.

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shixIn one of the segments, MC Jessy introduced Shix Kapienga to the eager crowd saying,

“She is here, she is great. We all love her.”

MC Jezzy then introduced her as “Chips Kapienga”.

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Alluding to the salacious term that men use to women they pick up in clubs.

Shix then asked him, “What did you call me?”

MC Jessy then laughs nervously.

Shix goes ahead to taunt him, “Wacha umeru, ninaitwa Shix Kapienga”

She then said she will go ahead an reveal his real name.

MC Jessy begs her, “Shix tusiende hapo.”

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Dennis ItumbiShe later revealed that when you send MC Jessy money on Mpesa, the name that will appear on your screen will read, “Polycarp Muthiora”.

Anyhow, in a different post, Shix who is now working with his ex, posted on her Instagram,

“There’s a fine line between acknowledging and accepting your feelings, and dwelling and living in them.” #ThisGhettoGirl”

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