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Priscah Mwaro Ababu has spoken up after rampant rumours of her rocky relationship with former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba hit the interweb.

Namwamba was named as a Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hours after the names of the cabinet nominees were announced, Priscah Mwaro was bubbling with excitement, she took to social media and wrote:

“Special wishes for my shipep. Congratulations my love. May God bless you and give you guidance in his loving way.”

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Prisca-ababuNow, Prisca has finally spoken out and shut the naysayers up.

“Love of my life..
Father of my children…
My forever best friend…
My Knight in shining armour..
You conquer the world, your oyster, I love and cheer you all the way all the time,” Priscah wrote

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Here are some reactions to her post.

Nathan Muuo: It is very good to read this from you especially after all those rumours. May God bond/ bind you with unbreakable cords.

John Wafula: Wow! Wow! the only tilapia in the seas,the only star that never goes dim.The Most Honourable Ababu Namwamba.Am humbled.Most humbled Madam.May those who sow seeds of discord fry in their own fat. The Ababus live on.

Angela Achieng: Never give up on someone you love, all the best mama

Ababu NamwambaKevin Yerry Dome: One thing I like about you Prisca is that you know how to do mzees wardrobe. He’s suits are always on point. I think in this game wewe hua juu tu sana. Ebu nipe recommendation of one of your kind. Am seriously searching for one.

Dannico Lukongo: That’s a fantastic move you have made shemeji, keep up the spirit dear. Fight on to consolidate and keep your family afloat Nakhone. I believe my brother loves you and am sure once he calms down he will obviously come back to his senses. God be with you dear…

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