Njugush who just became a father not so long ago is in trouble.

So he had posted a video a while back of him counting money in a chama setting. It was a funny viral video where he was attacking celebrities according to what they had donated. Months later this was to get him in so much trouble.

So just recently, Abel Mutua decided enough-is-enough and this guy needs to learn a lesson. The two are very good friends but when you cross a certain line, beef erupts.

So Njugush was surprised by the presence of Abel Mutua (director) at his doorstep. Abel was there to just deal with his loud mouth. Abel Mutua grabbed his shirt asking him:

Wewe ndiyo unaogea vibaya kuhusu watu? Kuja hapa wewe.


Njugush knew this is war!

Abel asked him in context of the video he had posted:

Wewe ndo uliita Kate, kate wa ma pupu?

Defending himself he said, he can never do that. Then Abel asked him why he gave DJ Mo the money he had contributed and he said he felt like DJ Mo would have contributed a bit more so he wanted him to add on to what he had contributed.

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He also defended himself against shaming Willis Raburu’s hustle on his show 10 over 10. Then Abel told him he is lucky he had a few pointers to back him up so he was released. Abel Mutua was one of the groomsmen in his wedding to Celestine his wife.

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The two are now parents to a very gorgeous son.

Watch the confrontation below:

Cartels fought back #tbt

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