Jacque Maribe

Kenyans led by celebrities have shown their massive support to Willis Raburu and his wife Mary after losing their first child.

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Raburu has been sharing emotional posts, mourning his daughter.

In his latest post, the 10 Over 10 talked about how he thinks about his daughter and how ready he was to be a great father.

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Well, media personality Jacque Maribe has condoled with the Raburus and in a touching post, she wrote.

Rabbz, it shall be well. I know you may not see that now, but trust me it shall be well. She’s smiling down on you. Look up, see the brightest star, and you’ll know. I wish you God’s unwavering peace @willisraburu and @maryaprude it is well with your souls.

Below are more messages of condolences to the Raburus from Kenyans

joabmwaura Be strong …..He has a reason for Everything..He is a God of Wonders..You will never be lonely bro..Take heart

blessednjugush Pole sana Willis……pole sana.

victoria_rubadiri My heart breaks for you. A day at a time. With you in prayer Raburu 🙏🏽

laurawalubengo Pole sana Willis.

steve_letoo You are in our prayers bro👊

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lilmuli Praying for you bro…

mcatricky Bro Willis, may you find comfort and grace to cure your wound, pole Sana🙏

joy_gwendo It shall be well..

anitasanturi Pole kaka. Mungu akupe nguvu wakti huu mgumu. Yote mapito. Yeye mbele sie nyuma. Tuzidi kumuombea

msetoeastafrica God Give You Strength. We Are With You In Prayer @willisraburu

kajairo Pole sana Baaba… Praying for comfort and peace for you and your family. God is in control bro 🙏

patrickigunza God’s peace and comfort brother. It shall be well.🙏🙏

catewamaribe It shall be well. Trust him

kush_tracey 🙏🙏my sincere condolences to you & your family it shall be well😢

kate_actress @willisraburu this is painful 😔🙏🏿 It’s not easy my dear friend , praying for you guys 🙏🏿

mercymasikamuguro Have felt your pain but it is well bro 💔💔

mwaibrenda Pole Sana Willis. Time will heal the wound

loulou_hassan It shall be well Kaka🙏🙏🙏…praying for you 🙏🙏🙏

massawejapanni May God comfort you and your wife. Poleni sana

hassansarah 🙏🏽🙏🏽Praying for you guys🙏🏽🙏🏽My heart breaks for you. May God comfort you in this time of need. pole sana my dear.

presenter001 May God see you through this trying times❤️🙏

djggactivist You are in my prayers @willisraburu

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arrowbwoy Tough battles are for the strongest 💪🏾💪🏾 You’re a strong king all shall be Well

shixkapienga 💔 May God see you and @maryaprude through this. Always in my prayers. 🙏

jackyvike May the lord grant you guys Peace and comfort ❤️❤️

daddiemarto Grieve as much as you need to bro. Feel the pain away, time will help heal this moment.