Pastor Ng'ang'a with his wife

Controversial founder of Neno Evangelism Centre Pastor James Ng’ang’a has talked about his marriage.

Ng’ang’a married his current wife Loise Murugi Maina in a colorful ceremony back in 2012 at the Windsor Golf Club.

Pastor Ng'ang'a with his wife

The flashy wedding was attended by high profile guests among them Kalonzo Musyoka, who was the Vice President by then.

The 66-year-old man of God during an interview with Massawe on Radio Jambo said he loves his wife because,

She is educated, beautiful, humble and submissive to me.

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How did they meet?

 Her mother was a worshipper at my church and that’s how I knew her. She was in college pursuing a degree in Nairobi and I liked her. Many said I was in love with a younger woman.

Pastor Ng'ang'a with his wife

Many criticized Loise, for marrying a man who is way older than she is. Asked why he chose a younger wife, the pastor said,

When I get old she will take care of me. Nitapelekana wapi na mama mzee? I wanted to marry other women, among them politicians but then I looked at their mileage and decided not to because we would age together tukunywe dawa za pressure pamoja siku moja tukufe.


I didn’t marry an older woman because I was afraid she would come with her grown kids and change my property to her children’s names. Also, she wouldn’t love my kids. I wanted someone who would give birth to and take care of all of my kids (including those from my first marriage).

Pastor Ng'ang'a with his wife

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The pastor and his younger wife became the trending topic in church when he went on a tirade abusing his bishops.

He said,

Watu walisema ni kadogo, nikauliza kwani ni wa kuuza ati harudishi faida? [People said she was young and I asked them, was she meant to bring me profit?]

Mwengine akasema ni kadogo ati watu hawatashiba nikamwambia Mke si wa Mungu ni wangu. Kama ni kadogo nampenda hivo. 

Ng’ang’a with his first late wife had four children and has three with the current wife.

..and we will get more. we live together and relate well as a family,’ he said.

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