Sophia Wanuna
Atwoli employee washing Sophia Wanuna's hands

The interwebs were ablaze after a photo of a cacasian woman believed to be the ‘househelp’ of the flambouyant Kenyan Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli.

Atwoli who is currently serving as the Secretary General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions has spoken out about the viral photo.

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Taking to Twitter, Atwoli responded to a tweep using the handle, @KimosopVincent, who asked,

“Francis Atwoli has a Mzungu houses help. Is he revenging the slave trade and Colonizing Mzungu. Anyway We know Atwoli might Marry that Mzungu as a fourth wife.”

Atwoli responded to the tweep’s post saying,

“Madam Pavic is not my house help as perceived she’s an advisor on home management!

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KOT reacted to his admission. Here are sone of their reactions.

@Swaka_Em: Advisor on home management is an elite name for a househelp. Papa Atwoli I give you fear. Oli Italanyi Yebuchero!

@SymokoechC: a white serving a black man,they thought they would colonize us forever.

@JemmyNamodi: Omwami I think you have confused them even more. When they visit the home, they will appreciate what value she adds. For now let them stick to their lanes.

@godfrey_mukolwe: Another improvised name for a househelp? Lead as others follow, papa.

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