Kiss FM presenters Jalang’o and Kamene were discussing the ‘sponsor’ mentality. The two also advised young ladies to leave people’s marriage alone.

That said, Jalang’o advised the old men to stop partying around with young girls till the wee hours.

“If that is the life you are living now and you are drinking with girls till morning at 1824, please stop!” he said


There are dance styles that have passed you, don’t do it. Your age has caught up with you there is a new dance style in town na unajaribu kuipiga. For example, ‘Toosie slide,’ then you fall down, utaambia watu nini? 

Kamane also added saying that she is tired of seeing old men rocking rugged jeans and t-shirts written ‘Wamlambez.’

She spoke against dating married man;

“Every other girl has a married man attached to her. And that is my concern is, one, you are pretty chic, and this man comes to you and tells you you’re married, why do you accept?”

“Two why as a married man, you see a pretty babe and then you go approach a chic knowing very well, you is married?”

The two host the breakfast show on Kiss FM ‘The Morning Kiss’

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