When it comes to alcohol Jalang’o has been one to make headlines this is, even after he promised to quit alcohol officially.

On Tuesday, Jalang’o interested fans by sharing his alcohol drenched experiences on their  Morning Kiss with Kamene Goro, as they marked alcohol awareness week.

Kamene and Jalas welcomed listeners to call into the show and interact on social media regarding the topic.

Jalang’o narrated about a time when he, Shaffie Weru and Prezzo were drunk and heading to Mombasa. As they reached Machakos they decided to fuel Shaffie’s Range Rover and embark on their journey.

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The journey was all smooth until they realized that they had headed out in the wrong direction.

The three, as drunk as they were, had headed back to Nairobi unknowingly.

The comedian joked on how they were surprised their journey to Mombasa had become shorter than usual only to realize that they were back in the city.

Jalang’o, however, cautioned listeners on driving when drunk. The comedian then went ahead to share another story of his fellow comedian Otoyo who had hosted a house party in which he had attended.

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Jalas recalls of one particular girl who had never taken alcohol in her life. Otoyo suggested drinking a particular brand of alcohol that was according to him suitable for beginners, only for the lady to blackout on December 31 and wake up on January 2.

The two hosts also shared their experience on how each one of them knows when alcohol is starting to take control of them.

For the curvy Kamene Goro, she describes her situation as a sudden rise in body temperature and went ahead to describe Jalang’o’s boiling point as when he starts to suddenly stare at one point and becomes inactive, a point in which the comedian agreed without a doubt.

The two hosts encouraged their fans to drink responsibly on all occasions.

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