Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has lashed out at petty Tanzanian trolls. Zari told off trolls who said she shouldn’t wear bikinis because she is a mom of 5.

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The 38-year-old mother of five, who looks gorgeous at her age compared to some women younger than her, was angered by critics. She shared one of the photos wearing a two-piece bikini and told critics to direct their negative energy somewhere else.

Zari told critics that even her former mother-in-law, Diamond’s mother, doesn’t swim with a dress, so why should she.

Hata bi Sanura aogelei na dera, je mimi? Mniache na ushamba wangu wakiganda. Na nyinyi mbaki na wa kibongo. Shenzi types. Nabado tu. If you can’t stand seeing me in my swim wear kila weekend hama tu insta. Am enjoying the last week of South Africa summer before winter sets in. My life, my rules, mjipange.


In another post she wrote:

They expect me to wear some sort of African attire in a pool. Cheii..civilization!

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