Shocked meme
Shocked meme. photo credit:

People are embracing sheng but not everyone understands the language. Every now and then, people make up words to hide the real meaning of what they really want to say.

A number of times you’ve heard a word or phrase and wondered what it means.

Well, here are some of the new phrases and their meanings.

  1. Lamba Lolo

The direct translation of Lamba Lolo is licking a lollipop but it has a hidden meaning. This is an action performed behind closed doors.

2. Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez

So, Decimal Records released a new song, ‘DRINX-na-MAYENX and in that song, they used the words ‘Wamlambez’ and ‘Wamnyonyez’.

Now, these two words might seem like just any other word, but they have a s3xual meaning to it. The direct translation is lick and suck.

‘I’m comfortable dating a banana stem,’ city man tells Mbusii and Lion

3. Mayenx

This is a phrase people use when they want to throw a party. What they say is “Come na mzinga, nikona mayenx”.

What this basically means is, “Come with liquor, I have invited pretty girls to the party.”

So in short Mayenx is sheng for girls.

4. Bora Uhai

Ths phrase it used to depict gratitude. When one is happy to be alive.

4. Geuka Nikubeng

Turn around and let me make love to you.

5. Dundaing

Going out to party.

‘Saitan! Go get a Huduma Namba’ Jalango chastises Joe Muchiri

6. Lalez


7. Shnack

When someone looks great, we tell them they look like a “snack”.

8. Rombosa

Whine your waist

9. Nyandua

Have violent s3x

10. Tire/Ndukulu


11. Sombosa

Bedroom bizniz

12. Ngori


13. Mbogi


14. Pekejeng


15. Kunyonga monkey



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