Kenyan millennials can be considered a very creative generation, what with the funny memes they generate when a celebrity does something silly. I am looking at you Kobi Cat.

The songs we listen to are of a different kind and even the dance styles that they have come up with including Odi  are a testament to that.

Other than that, we are a generation that has continued the trend of the youth who came before us. How? By coming up with new sheng code words. We can literally be talking about our parents in their presence and they will not understand anything.

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Sheng keeps evolving. Most of the words we use are synonyms to some very sexual and nasty words.

Here are some of the words the millennial generation has come up with that have are used in our day to day vocabulary:

  1. Mjulubeng
  2. Lipunda
  3. Lamba Lolo
  4. Sponyo
  5. Msolokombo
  6. Boy Child
  7. Utajua Hujui
  8. Ngori
  9. Cassava
  10. Nunu
  11. Jegi

I am sure you have heard many of these words and often followed by a giggle. Why? Because we are just trying to hide the shame behind saying s*x, p**is,va**na. We don’t want to be judged by our elders.

Giving the example of Alex Mwakideu. When he excited ladies online with his msolokombo, a story was done on that and seeing as he is not of this generation, he asked his followers to help him understand what msolokombo is?

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