When media personality Sheila Mwanyigha put a post on Twitter calling for Kenyans to register for the Beyond Zero marathon, she probably thought she was doing a harmless, or even, noble thing.

But Kenyans were not impressed by the post, which was accompanied by a photo of Mwanyigha in her sports gear – tights with a little skirt-like addition to cover her voluptuous figure and a running shirt.

Kenyans were not irked by her attire, but rather the audacity she had to ask them to pay Sh2,000 (or Sh2,500 for the elite marathon) to participate in the race to raise funds to end infant mortality, yet the state of health care is not up to par.

Sheila Mwanyigha
Sheila Mwanyigha

Mwanyigha wrote: “Registration is on for the Beyond Zero Marathon scheduled for next weekend – 10th March, you can choose to be a part of this charitable initiative and run! Deadline to sign up is March 3rd.  #runforeachother #IAmBeyondZero #BeyondZero.”

Two weeks ago, a man by the name Boniface Murage became the talk of the town after he tried to smuggle his newborn daughter out of KNH to avoid paying a Sh56,000 bill. While some criticised him, many empathised with the man, saying the country had failed to provide free maternal health care as promised through the Linda Mama programme.

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The Beyond Zero marathon was launched in 2014 to eliminate infant mortality.

Some Kenyans on Twitter felt the Beyond Zero marathon has not accomplished what is was formed to do.

Here are some of the reactions to Mwanyigha’s post:

@Midigo_No thank you…Mahali nimefika siwezi kimbishwa na madeni alafu nikimbie marathon

@moodsthatbug: keep running on zero, for zero by zero

@Iam_aliswaleh: Running is a good way to keep fit but it’s hypocritical at this moment for the First Lady to ask us to run with her while her hubby and his friends run away with our taxes some of which were meant to alleviate the problems she hopes to solve with a marathon.

@fadedrichie: Thank you but We’ve been running all year long,,running out of money miss

@mannumuya: Kimbizaneni na Maggy.

@edowino: The revenue target for this marathon is usually 100-150 million. Her office is costing the taxpayer sh 439.8 million this FY. If the first lady is so charitable, why doesn’t she cut the amount from her budget & spare us the marathon sideshows?

@itsme_MorrisKimbia peke yako pls.

@I_am_GathoniNah. Will wash my hair instead. Or something
@MaccoscyrusWhere was beyond zero when Boniface Murage was suffering?