The rap game always has some form of beef. Probably because it gives them a percentage of their content.

Well, the female rap game in Kenya is no different at all. Noti Flow has been in the rap game for years now, then Femi One joined the game recently and has made a big name for herself as a female rapper and we know they are hard to find in Kenya.

Their beef started last year and they both believe that each of them is actually the best and only female rapper in the game. Femi One has really not talked about it openly I guess because she is under management but Noti Flow we all know is a very vocal lady.

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In an interview on Ebru, she was asked what her beef with Femi One is and she made it clear she does not recognize who that is and that she is the only Kenyan female rapper.

Femi One

She said:

who is that? because I know I am the only Kenyan female rapper with the sick flow!

Well, I will leave it there but I think they are both in the same game and I think working together is a major key to help the industry grow to be a force to work with internationally.