Catherine Mwai may not be a familiar name to you but to her family, it’s a name they would not wish to remember after she was murdered.

Catherine and her mother Judith Mwai were killed at their South B home.

Well here are a few things you did not know about Catherine.

1. Catherine and her parents had been living in the house since the early 1990s.

2. Catherine a former Cooperative Bank employee had sold her car to sort out hospital bills for her father,

3. Her dad was hospitalized on the day the gruesome murders took place.

4. Catherine and her mother went silent on a family WhatsApp group on Sunday prompting the family to wonder of their whereabouts.

The late Catherine and her mum, the duo were found murdered at their South B home.

Photos of mother and daughter found gruesomely murdered in South B

5. She was the only daughter to her late mother Judith Mwai.

6. Catherine and her mum were last seen on Sunday at around 2 am when they were dropped at their residence in a black Toyota Prado.

7. Makadara deputy police commander Purity Muthoni said Catherine was lying on the floor.

Investigations are still ongoing on why Catherine and her mother were murdered.

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