Kenyan comedian Flaqo has narrated how he was in the past dumped for being broke, as his ex was tired of waiting for him to make it.

Flaqo is best known for his short video on social media which always leave us in stitches.

Speaking about the unpleasant experience Flaqo narrated.

“In my previous relationship, that time I was broke and there are chics who just don’t entertain broke guys.

That chic dumped because I was broke. Aliniambia ‘I’m tired of this upcoming stuff. You are always upcoming’

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Flaqo added that despite the heartbreak and the embarrassment he still kept doing what he loves and dreamed of and months later he had his breakthrough.

‘That was after nimemaliza shule so when I was going back to school, nikalipata she threw my things outside.

I had kept my things in her house when I was leaving school. It was so embarrassing at that time. Two months after that, I got famous.

So folks, give a supportive shoulder to you struggling friends/lovers. You may never know.’

Flaqo has a social media following of more than 250,000.

He is where he is because he trusted himself even when others doubted his potential.

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