Kenyan man

A Kenyan man on Twitter identified as Andiwo has left many praising him after he shared a story of how his wife left him.

Andiwo revealed that his wife took everything from the house just after he had lost his job, leaving him with nothing. He was heartbroken and little did he know that it was a blessing in disguise.

So this photo was taken after our separation years back and she swept everything in our house, had just lost my job after losing dad and sister the same year, my son could sneak to check on me, had only one’s now six years and God has been blessed,’ he posted accompanied by the photo below.


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‘I prefer staying away from her, we haven’t communicated for over 6yrs now,’ he added.

The man’s son is all grown and they have a strong bond.


Andiwo’s tweet attracted 3.9k likes, over 600 retweets, and several comments.

Check out the reactions

Willy Weyru I’m going through the same right now. Lucky I still have my job. All men in toxic marriages need to know that separating with your wife for the sake of your mental health is not WEAKNESS. It’s WISDOM

Baba Jabali Went through something similar… Wanawake ni shetani

Tweetsviewer the other gender is very wicked…ukisota kidogo unaachwa

Roy Odiambo God is able

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Lazooj Boys will always want to be where their Dads are. She’s yet to regret but time will tell.

Khalid Omar I went through the same bro. I was left with 2 kids in a mud house known as simba right now I have a permanent house. Marrying has become a vocabulary to me. It has been a blessing from God.

Kangethe Njoroge A man who takes care of his kids after separation or divorce without being forced by authorities is a real Dad. His deeds shows who he is and was in the marriage

Asuma Enock Big up mate. That ninja defines the meaning of loyalty.

Ronald Dales God is great

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