The trio

Businesswoman Zari has offered sisterly advice to Tanasha Donna, who’s heavily pregnant for her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz.

I have no problem with her being pregnant for him because we’re no longer together and he’s amazing. He had to move on and he can sire as many times as he can.

Last month during a live Instagram video with her fans, she advised Tanasha to be careful with the singer and be ready for anything.

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In an interview with Millard Ayo, she said,

I didn’t say it in bad faith. My comment meant that just in case of anything, she must be ready to take care of her child because we can all see. If you look at his (Diamond’s) cycle and the other women it’s the same thing. I didn’t see anything new.

When asked about what she thinks about Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship, she said,

You must understand people change I can’t rule him out as a bad person. Maybe he learnt his lesson. We should give him the benefit of doubt. He can be a good guy.

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The mother of five further said she had no idea about who Tanasha was until recently.

I never knew about Tanasha until when people started tagging me in her photos on Instagram. I’ve never met her and don’t know her but she was always in my comment section. I don’t have a problem with Diamond, let him fix his relationship with his kids.

Many have applauded Zari, who got married last week for being mature and some of the comments include,

EK Zari, your thinking is too high compared to that boy, money can come and go, but wisdom stays with you till death. If possible, forget that low class who never appreciated to have someone like you, forgive him, please.

Yandie Konteh Gosh she is so pure, thanks Boss lady for including English in your response to all your interviews, at least some of us that doesn’t understand swahili can catch up a little bit. Thanks mama 👏👏👏

Melesh Mel I love this mama..zari we ndie kiboko yao very wise. Have learned something kwa hii story.

Marion Muasya Zari is a sharp woman! Diamond lost big time!

Jafaith Nazziwa Wow this woman Zari is everything even after what that lu bibi mama dangote did to her, Zari still respects her by calling her mama 😪😪…me i would address her as a witch 🙄..I love you Zari, I wish a happy marriage with your Kingbae 🌹🙏

Jojo Allonzo 😁 so true diamond the problem why those kids are not untied. He should fix it when it’s still early. 😀😀😀I said the same that also diamond used to sleep in late Ivan house and why is he making noise for us .this diamond is so stupid how can he stop his mother to call her grandkids .

Rosemary Musanga Uyu ndio Bibi……Hamna mwingine…oh she inspire me …Zari Pick Up and God Bless you much…..you deserve it the Bosslady

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