Zari and son

Raphael, is Zari Hassan and late Ivan Ssemwanga’s second born son. The 15-year-old has been talking to the media to promote his current Youtube Channel.

Speaking to SnS, Raphael revealed he is a fan of basketball and that he inspired himself to take up the sport, however, he draws some motivation from US basketballer Lebron James.


“I inspired myself and gained love for the sport,” he said

Asked about his mother, Raphael said

“My mother is smart. The way she handles things on social media and real life, she knows how to handle things,” 

He went on to brand his little sister Princess Tiffah as a lovely crazy young girl

“She’s crazy. She fights a lot, she makes noise, she is bossy,”

ZariZari with her second born child, Raphael Semwanga

“You give the best kisses” Zari’s son opens up


Raphael older brother is Pinto Tlale, who has kept his life private. The third born Quincy is also private but has a large following on social media.