Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor Kanze Dena has for the first time narrated about her first pregnancy and how she lost her daughter.

From being a dishwasher to a waitress in a popular Nairobi restaurant, Dena has passed through it all.

Talking to comedian Jalang’o and Jeff Koinange, the TV girl narrated how it all started.

“My mum was very strict. I was working as a waitress, nilikua nimetoka high school. Sikuanimeingia college, I got pregnant and I really carried that pregnancy in secret. The reason why sikua nimeenda college is because my mum wanted me to do journalism but i wanted to be a nurse.”

She then hid the pregnancy for a whole nine months from her mum and family.

“I wanted to give my baby up for adoption, nilikua nimeogopa, nilikua najua sizepeleka huyu mtoi home, my mum will kill me…hiyo siku ya kwenda kuzaa nilienda home, nikuwa huko i broke my waters…Nikaambia my grandmother waheni niende nikafue.”

She added

“I dashed very fast, nikanunua towels, we went to pumwani. Nikapush nikasikia mtoto wangu amelia na nikapewa mtoto wangu.When you are giving your child for adoption hufai kusikia akilia na hufai kumuona.”

After giving birth, her best friend Njeri then called up Kanze’s mum and Auntie who arrived at the hospital only to find out that she had given birth.

“For a moment niliona dunia imejizima. My mum’s eyes were red, akaniuliza, mimi ni mtu mbaya aje huwezi kuniambia.They went and bought clothes for me and my baby.I didn’t even say anything, i just went.”

She then gave her daughter to her mum to give way for her to finish do her secretarial exams. Three months later, Kanze’s firstborn, Tasha, went to be with The Lord.

‘Nikafanya exams nikamaliza, nikajaribu kusakanya job….Kuna siku niliamka nikaambiwa I need to go home. I saw many people in the compound, I see my mum and she just breaks down, I see Tasha lying on the bed and she died with a smile. She had died the night before they were to travel to come to Nairobi.”

A post-Morten was never done and Kanze has never known what really led to the death of her child.

“We’ve never exactly known what happened. She was three months.”Emotional Kanze said

What A Mother! Here’s The Other Side Of Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena You’ve Never Seen

She is now a mother of one lovely boy and her career has since then flourished being one of the top media personalities in Kenya.

Today, her late daughter, Tasha, would be 16 years old.