A married man has exposed his wife for having a high sex drive. According to the man, his wife demands sex three to four times a day and he doesn’t like it.

‘My wife wants to kill me. She demands sex three or four times a day. The last two months have been tough for me. She removes my clothes whenever I enter the house and jumps on top. Should I give her permission for entanglement? I don’t want to die young, please advise me,’ the unhappy man wrote.

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From the reactions, many were shocked that the man was complaining and advised him to thank God because he was lucky to have such a woman. Check out the reactions;

bambo_felix Ha see what we are looking for and your complaining 👍 to your wife 😂

simdiiva This is supposed to be a testimony, not a complaint.

wangare77 What do Men really want?

amazinglett She exhausting the strength for sidechic…she doesn’t want to share

kuti_serah She is Jada Smith

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miss.socrates What some men pray for. How unbalanced is this life?

bella_aforka For better for worse

lifestyle_milato One man food is another man’s poison🤣

rachy.gram 😂😂😂😂She is a machine

deriusokoth have always said men can’t handle women with high sex drive. It’s her right, you better give it to her. Go and do exercise, go to the gym get fit. Your testosterone is low. It’s your duty to feed her. Otherwise if she steps out it will be your fault

onyinye_ee You re always hitting the right spot enjoy