Monica Kimani
Was her murder a ritual murder?

Today’s’ trial on the murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani has given Kenyans a glimpse of how she might have died.

Monicah who was 29 at the time of her death had her throat slit and hands bound together. Her lifeless body was dumped in her apartment bathtub

Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani
Jacky Maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani

Jowie’s lawyer shocks court claims Monica Kimani died of starvation

A post by Dennis Itumbi who was in court for the proceeding has revealed that Monicah had no gunshot wounds.

This is according to a pathologists report.

Itumbi wrote

Witness Number I …done

A Pathologist tells court no gunshot wound was detected on body.

Her throat was slit

Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

Itumbi adds,

Possible weapon used – A sharp object used correctly. Witness 2 on the stand – Scene of Crime officer

Itumbi shared that so far there were 51-786 pictures taken at Royal Park Apartment which is where Jacque Maribe lived.

‘Nikama alidunga mtu kisu’ Fresh details emerge in Jowie murder case

The witness is set to appear again in court tomorrow at 11:30 am

Itumbi wrote

witness number 2 

Republic vs Jowie & Jacque

Witness Number 2 – Scene of Crime witness

50 photos of scene of crime at Primary scene

51-76 Pictures at Royal Park Apartments

44 pictures to go….

The deceased’s father Paul Ngarama, ourned her daughter as he decried the manner in which she met her death.

Saying that:

Those who brutally cut short the life of my daughter disrespected God, who is the giver of life.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

Whoever did it was not her friend because a friend cannot rape and kill.

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