The Obado family
The Obado family/Courtesy: Enos Teche

Sharon Otieno had apparently fled to Tanzania to escape the people causing her anguish. This was a few weeks before she was killed in a horrible murder.

Sharon Otieno
Sharon Otieno

This is according to the Standard newspaper that spoke to her mother. Her mother explained that Sharon went to Mwanza to to hide from people who wanted her to abort the baby.

Sharon woke up one morning and told me she wanted to go to Tanzania because she was no longer safe in Kenya. She didn’t tell me who was threatening her life. She travelled to Mwanza by road. While there, she switched off her phones to prevent anyone from reaching her.

Sharon’s mother, Melida Auma, said that her daughter, who was 7 months pregnant, felt that her life was in danger.

Sharon Otieno''s family
Sharon Otieno”s family mourning

This new information seems to confirm what the police thought about the murder, that it had been hatched months before Sharon was killed.

Sharon’s mutilated body was found in a thicket. Her body had been stabbed eight times and she had also been raped.

Sharon Otieno
Heavily pregnant Sharon Otieno before she was killed

Sadly a few weeks she went back home, she would abducted together with Nation Media Group journalist Barrack Oduor.

The case seems to be narrowing with an officer privy to the investigations telling the Standard that detectives were preparing to arrest more suspects, who could include the actual killers and their allies.

A detective told the Standard:

With the DNA reports having confirmed that Obado is the father of the child, there is now a need to establish who may have wanted to kill the mother and her unborn baby and why.

Also coming to light is the fact that Sharon’s murder might have been accomplished earlier had a man known to the mastermind, not been in the vicinity when the killers wanted Sharon dead.

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