Word on the street is that the murder of Sharon Otieno would have been a quiet one had it not been for some mishaps.

According to the Nairobian, a new theory into the brutal death of Sharon is that she would have been poisoned and her death would have been a regular run of the mill reported bizarre death that did not cause so much furore or even raise an eyebrow.

But as they say, well laid plans are never go quite as planned.

“Sharon feared for her life. She was worried the relative was plotting something bad after realising that she was being monitored and trailed,” said a source who spoke to the Nairobian.

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At the time of her death, Sharon is alleged to have been carrying Migori governor Okoth Obado’s baby

The governor’s lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, confirmed that the Mheshimiwa was indeed the father of the unborn child.

Speaking to Nairobian Ombeta said, “In fact, a few days before she met her death, Sharon had texted Obado’s son beseeching him to respect her as his mother now that she was carrying his father’s child.”

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Now, cops have found the car believed to have been used in the kidnapping of the Rongo University Student.

According to People Daily, detectives claim that Sharon may have sent two texts messages to Obado and Oyamo shortly after 8pm asking:

“What is happening? We have been left in the hands of strangers who are very rough.”

Immediately after sending the text, Sharon’s phone was reportedly switched off. Detectives have not been able to recover it since.

This is the same car that Nation journalist Barack Oduor jumped out of to save his life while Sharon was held captive inside and later found dead.

The car is a black Fielder saloon which is used as a taxi. The car has been impounded at the police station in Migori.

The owner of the car is being questioned to establish whether they hired out the car to the kidnapper.

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