Okoth Obado
With Hellen and their children at a press conference

Detectives have revealed that the murdered university student, Sharon Otieno, reached out to Migori governor Okoth Obado’s wife.

According to reports and police sources who would not like to be named, there is a record of romantic messages –  both on WhatsApp and SMS – between Sharon and the governor.

The detectives revealed that the messages included plans for travel together to a romantic getaway, where to meet, certain items the Governor was to buy, as well as discussions on the future of the baby being carried by Sharon Otieno.

Daily Nation reports that drama started when Obado refused to buy Sharon the house she wanted.

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The Obado family
The Obado family/Courtesy: Enos Teche

Detectives on the case claim that Obado had indeed discussed the possibility of getting a house for his side dish, even though the chats also indicated that they had not agreed on where to buy or build it.

One of the chats indicate that Sharon wanted the house to be in Nairobi, but the governor declined, citing exorbitant prices, and promised to build her one in Migori County instead.

The detectives are not privy to any more information on whether the couple agreed on the matter. But what they know for sure is that Sharon was frustrated and thus, reached out to the wife, Hellen and son Daniel.

The detectives claim all Sharon forwarded the lovey dovey messages and conversations about the baby and the house to the wife and son.

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Daily Nation claims that detectives now say they will be digging to know if this generated any form of conflict after the Governor’s family learnt of the promises he had made to his girlfriend, whom he said he had dated for at least a year.

Obado, flunked with his family claimed that he had nothing to do with the cruel murder of his sponsee.

“As a law-abiding citizen, I want to state here very clearly and categorically that I have nothing, and absolutely nothing, to do with the cruel death of Sharon,” he told journalists in the brief conference.

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