Opposition bigwig and one time vice president of Kenya Musalia Mudavadi has found himself in a rather uncomfortable position after a video of him in a drunken state went viral on social media.

In the video, an visibly inebriated Mudavadi, is seen struggling to address a crowd that had gathered at a popular city hotel.

Mudavadi had bumped into his one time political ally-turned-rival Raila Odinga aka ‘Jakom’, who was in the company Siaya Senator James Orengo and Odinga’s elder brother Oburu Oginga. The son of Mulembe who has been keeping a low profile appeared to have been having an easy drinking weekend before this encounter.

After enjoying even more alcohol with Odinga, Mudavadi is handed the microphone to address the crowd. Was this a prank by the CORD team or did Mudavadi unwittingly allow his drink to mislead his tongue into declaring his support for Baba?

Mpasho News Team has concluded that this must have been a well-calculated move for the following reasons.
1. How come Mudavadi was the only one who appeared drunk and not Raila and the rest?
2. Who organised for the Isukuti dance group at the entrance of the hotel for this ‘chance encounter’?
3. Was it a coincidence that the public address system was on standby at the hotel’s entrance?
4. Why was it that only Mudavadi was asked to speak?

Watch the video below.