A 28 year old expectant woman identified as Ann, is crying for help after wrongful detention after she failed to raise Sh.12k needed to pay Antenatal bill.

The woman who is married to a Police Constable at Vigilance House, is fearing for her life as her husband is trying everything to frustrate her efforts to get justice for the humiliation she went through.

According to Ann, trouble started when she asked her husband for money to go attend her antenatal clinic since she is in her 5th month of pregnancy. Instead of receiving money, the husband identified as Lawrence Kazungu, turned to his expectant wife with blows to an extent of hitting her with a stool severally.


It is at Langata Police Station that Ann met the OCS who volunteered to take her to hospital when she came in to report the case. Happy that some good people still exist, Ann accepted the offer without realizing that the worst days of her life were just beginning.

She says the OCS dropped her in a local hospital and left. She was treated and discharged but realized that she could not pay the Sh.12,000 needed for the medical fee. Alone and stranded, Ann called her husband and the OCS only to realize that both their phones were switched off.

Ann was detained in a locked room for two days without food and water, something that has left her weak since she was still nursing injuries from her husbands beatings. She reached out to the media after realizing that her husband might be colluding with the police to stop her from pursuing the case.


Ann, who is still in detention, is appealing to well wishers to help bail her out. Langata Police Chief Elijah Mwangi said that investigations are still ongoing although the case is being treated as private since by the time it happened, Kazungu was not on duty.

We can only hope Ann gets the justice she deserves.