Shakilla vs Willy-Paul

Days ago, Kenyan socialite Shakilla was allegedly arrested after trying to forcefully enter Willy Paul’s residence on Sunday night.

He was notified of Shakilla’s presence by the estate police.

This is not the first time that Willy Paul has been caught up in a drama involving women, but here is what makes this situation unique and unbelievable.

Personally, I feel they might have disagreed on the ‘rates’ and Willy Paul decided to take advantage of that.

Here are questions everyone should ask themselves before judging Shakilla.

How did Shakilla know where Willy Paul lives?

It’s one thing to know where Pozze lives but it’s a another to know the exact house and where to find him.

Pozze makes it look like Shakilla is a stalker whereas the damsel says she was invited.

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Who would want to harm Willy Paul

It was funny reading Willy Paul’s request to his fans asking them to pray for him as he no longer feels safe.

Who would want to harm such a man? Only men who are bothered that he might have smashed their girlfriends.

Pozze is a known womanizer

It’s not the first time Willy Paul has been caught in drama involving women, the boy loves attention, and considering he is becoming irrelevant he might have wanted something to run with.

So this time round I think Willy Paul was in the wrong. Bro, ukipewa, lipa.