A week ago the twerk music video for the song Chura Dance by Snura Mushi was banned by the Tanzanian Government. Upon it’s release a few days ago, the video showing a dozen women bouncing and grinding, became an instant hit among fans. However, the Tanzanian government was not leaving anything to chance as it said that the video breached the public moral fabric.

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Tanzania’s Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports issued the ban on the erotic video and the song from being aired on mainstream and social media in the country. According to the Ministry’s Head of Information and Communication, Zawadi Msalla, the ban was necessitated due to immoral acts displayed in the video.

twerkSince the ban, the phenomenon seems to have swept across the bongoland country like a bush fire in summer. Women (with big behinds) who can shake them butts really well have been engulfed in this fire. They are doing it everywhere! On the sofa, on the carpet, in bed…just crazy!

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