shaffie-weru. photo credit: file

Shaffie Weru is one of the most famous Kenyan celebrities we have around and with good reason. He is legitimately what one can call a radio king. And his high flying lifestyle does nothing in way of convincing us any differently.

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And so this rather tall tale shall start from the very beginning (duh!) with Shaffie Weru realizing that he had lost his gun and suspecting the carwash attendants, he decided to give them a call. What follows next is nothing short of dramatic!

This really hasn’t been the lad’s month given he was hacked and lost all access to his social media accounts so you can understand why he’d be livid about the whole saga.

The carwash owner was rather shaken but…
Instead of me spoiling it for you, I should really just let you listen to the actual conversation:

MEME U_mad_troll_gif