Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru

Shaffie Weru is a boss. The Kiss FM breakfast co-host will be joining other top personalities in the BET academy.

This is Shaffie’s second year in the academy.

The BET awards have arrived and it is time to celebrate the many accomplishments made by those in the entertainment and sports world. Founded in 2001, the award show held the title of being the number one cable awards show on television for five consecutive years between 2005 and 2010.

The radio personality also know as the Raverend is one of the prospective decision makers on which musicians will have their stars will shine in the upcoming BET Awards.

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Let me explain how this works. It’s that time of year again. Unlike most other highly-focused awards ceremonies, the nomination pool spans the whole of the entertainment industry, including sports, music and acting. As a result if the sheer breadth of its reach, there are a lot of awards to hand out. So, how are the BET Awards decided?

Well, it looks like the winners are actually decided mostly by a large group of specially picked fans, bloggers and other normal, everyday people.

That’s right, they utilize something called the BET Awards Voting Academy, where prospective decision-makers take an in-depth quiz of sorts on the BET website that is used to test their knowledge regarding the many different industries that are represented at the BET awards.

Shaffie Weru car
Shaffie Weru car. photo credit: Ivy Muthoni

If you pass the test, you are officially part of the BET Awards Voting Academy and get to really make your voice count. So, essentially the awards are decided by the fans.

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In a letter from BET Awards Academy to Shaffie, seen by they confirm that he is an ‘Academy Voter’, and go ahead to ask him to select nominees for the prestigious award.

“On behalf of BET Networks, it is my great pleasure to invite you to join us in selecting the nominees for this year’s BET International Awards 2018. BET is excited to continue the trend of celebrating black excellence by pushing the culture forward with this year’s show and honoring the best in black entertainment world-wide. This year’s show will feature 3 BET International categories and we need your support,” said Ava L. Hall the Vice President, Programming & Brand Advancement BET International.

The letter continued, “This year’s nominations are a reflection of what’s happening in entertainment today and it is important for us to select prominent members of the culture to help us showcase the best of the best.

As a member of the voting academy, we only ask one thing: that you cast your votes based on talent – not politics or popularity.

Your vote matters and plays an integral role in the continued success of the BET Awards as the #1 most watched show on cable.”

For Kenyan artistes it is great to know that you have a representative who will push Kenyan music to the fore front at the BET Awards.

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Shaffie WeruVoting by the Academy members will consist of two phases. The first phase starts 27 April 2018 and ends 09 May 2018. The second phase will begin 16 May 2018 and ends 25 May 2018.

The members are warned in the letter.

“Please keep in mind that refraining from voting can lead to removed opportunities for future awards shows, as we hope to maintain a high voter turnout with engaged members of our illustrious committee.”

The Ugandan representative is TV glamour girl Sheila Gashumba.

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